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Hey there, I'm


[You can call me Sim if you want] 

I am here to bring change through mental mutation, intuitive knowing, creative insights and strategic support. I am a seasoned guide and mentor for people who want to live in alignment with who they are and have a successful and sustainable business that reflects that. Below, you can listen to or read little stories about different areas of my life, enjoy!


I value diversity, variety and an environment that nurtures creativity, spaciousness, and intimate connection. I believe every human being has a unique contribution to humanity, and part of my role is empowering others to be fully themselves. 



My Personal

In 2023, when my beautiful son flew out of the nest, I sold all of my belongings and ever since I have been travelling. I tend to bump into the weirdest and most hilarious situations all the time - which makes for great stories that will eventually find their way to my podcast, "Unfolding Human Design". Being born under the cross of the Unexpected has given me the foundation to accept and deal with uncertainty. It brought the humbleness to accept my limitations and the courage to handle all sorts of turbulences, move with the flow and be comfortable with stillness. I've learned that there's always a creative way to move through something that defies what we thought was normal and possible. The longer I cruise on this earth, the clearer I see how beautiful and enriching it is when everyone dances to the beat of their own drums and offers their unique contribution to humanity.




My Professional

I've always been a translator of some sort. I translated the marketing material for an internationally acclaimed holistic beauty company for years. I interpreted business meetings and moved seamlessly between English, Spanish and German. I transcribed songs from one language into another. But at the core, I am a translator of frequencies. I pick up the energy underneath your words - and that language is my favourite one because the mind can't manipulate it. I have learned from and worked with people from all walks of life, which creates a rich, accepting and varied backdrop in my work. I am trained and credentialed in pharmaceutic-commercial assistance, foreign languages and business management, holistic beauty and wellness therapies, transformational coaching, and heart-centred leadership. I bring two decades of entrepreneurial expertise and life experience to my private mentoring and consulting practice. While my business's outer expression has varied in true 3rd-line fashion, the essence has always remained the same - empowering uniqueness, beauty and creativity in others. At 04, you can read more about my "Human Design Story".




A Sonic Love

A while ago, I browsed the internet for music about uniqueness. I found nothing that matched my taste, so I wanted to create my own piece. But with zero knowledge in composing and producing a song, I needed support. The inner knowing arrived in perfect timing. I just knew I wanted to team up with the singer, songwriter and wildly powerful Mani-Gen Addis Buchanan*. "You are unique" was born out of the desire to have an acoustic piece of empowerment and sonic love to share with people who need a reminder that their uniqueness matters. It carries the frequency of a profoundly satisfying and successful co-creation and I hope you'll enjoy it! *Addis is a genius at writing and performing personalized songs. She speaks English, and you can find her here:


Sonic Love


My Human Design

Learning that I am an awareness type living in a world predominant in energy types was a huge revelation and relieved me more than words can express. Accepting and slowly embracing that reality has made all the difference in how I experience life. Over time, I learned that I am a profoundly acoustic being, that my body craves diversity and that I need to feel connected to various frequencies and soundscapes to enjoy life to the fullest. As someone with a purely individual channel definition, I am here to challenge the status quo and empower what's unique and different in others so that mutation can happen. My design is deeply receptive, and I experience life quite viscerally. I like to look with curiosity at the bookends of any situation and how they can work from the foundation to the fulfilment and beyond. If there is a lack of integrity and things are not practical in real life, I will not shy away from tearing down a faulty basement, let it all go, and start with a clean slate and a fresh set of eyes. In 2014, I got invited to study Human Design, and I am still amazed by the vastness and practicality of this body of knowledge. Through experimenting, I discovered that I am an essentialist, not a dogmatist - valid for every area of my life. When I started to apply my S&A and learned to discern the beauty of my defined mind from the voice of my not-self mind, things started to shift, and I made fractal friendships far more delicious than I could have ever imagined. For a while, I moved out of my self-study vortex. I studied Living Your Design and Rave ABC with the Human Design Collective. I was in 1:1 Projector Immersion with Breyton Belazo, discovering that I don't thrive as a group learner. I went back to self-study mode, which is what I enjoy most. In true 1/3 fashion - rabbit-hole-style, investigative and experiential. I observe time and time again that I flourish when I am willing to learn from my fuck ups, be open and vulnerable about it, go back into stillness, take care of my bruises, integrate and eventually distil the intuitive wisdom of the experience until I get called out to share it.


Human Design

Do you want to be empowered in your true self and have it translated into every cell of your business?

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