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Human Design & Astrology informed



An intimate, slow-burn and spacious experience for entrepreneurial founders.

We live in highly mutative times that call for a new and individually spirited approach to business that challenges the Status Quo. I offer a broad and varied experience that helps you understand who you are as a founder, how your energy functions and what role you are here to play in this lifetime. We will explore and strengthen the foundational aspects of your business, and I will guide you in finding clarity to transform your current business into one that thrives through the intelligence of your inner authority. ​

I am here to champion your unique expression and creative direction

We will connect through monthly meetings on Zoom and unlimited Voxer voice note support, which is available from Tues-Sat. In our shared time, we explore what a nourishing, meaningful and sustainable business looks and feels like for you. My approach is candid, practical, compassionate and focused on your individual needs. I am highly experienced in understanding root causes by picking up the frequency of your voice and providing specific guidance on how to shift the situation.

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Human Design & Astrology informed



• You want to redefine your personal and professional values & standards • Want to transform your current business into a future-oriented one • You want to strengthen the foundational aspects of your business • You want to streamline your operative business in an efficient way • You desire to harness the gifts of your unique, most creative self • You are looking for a seasoned mentor with the knowledge, experience, groundedness, and compassion to hold all of who you are and guide you in navigating any area of discomfort, uncertainty, and change. Please note that this business mentoring is for entrepreneurial founders who want to go deep and have the time, energy and resources needed for transformation and integration to unfold naturally and over time.

Do you have questions?

Please read my Terms of Purchase to learn more about the most frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, please email me here.

Prefer speaking over writing?

Send me your questions via Voxer.

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