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Pick my brain - audio guidance

Pick My Brain - Focused Audio Guidance

Excluding VAT

This audio-exclusive service is for business owners needing an elevated perspective that offers fresh possibilities, clarity, and practical solutions when stuck or entangled. Think of receiving a personal pep talk that zooms in on one topic of your choice combined with one week of access to my personal Voxer - for questions, awareness and clarity to unfold over time.



After analyzing your intake form and Human Design chart, I let my intuitive awareness bring forth what is most needed and empowering for your current situation. Your audio recording will be approximately 30 minutes long and offers a holistic understanding, focused guidance and practical suggestions to help you move toward your next step.  



You will receive a confirmation email with the intake form link. After receiving your answers, it takes 10-14 business days to deliver the audio recording as a downloadable file. Voxer voice note access starts with the day you receive the recording and ends seven days after. 


Please note: I need your accurate birth information in the intake form to generate your Human Design chart. All sales are final.

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