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Voxer Cocoon

Voxer Cocoon

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The Voxer Cocoon is designed to encourage and celebrate the full range of your human and entrepreneurial experience—a confidential space to exhale, relax, integrate and receive high-touch guidance, sonic love and empowerment.



  • One month of Voxer Voice Note Access from Tues-Sat. You can send me your voice notes from any place at any time without worrying about timezones or being glued to a screen. I will get back to you within 24 hours.

  • Voxer access starts with a personal welcome message within 48-72 hours of receiving the answers from your intake form.


  • Whenever needed, I will relate your current situation to your Human Design and Astrology energetics in a way that is clear, easy and nuanced. It's a great way to gain a holistic understanding of the dynamics that play out in real life and deepen your self-awareness and meet less resistance. 


Please note: I need your accurate birth information in the intake form to generate your Human Design and Astrology charts. All sales are final.

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