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The Voxer Cocoon



It's your turn to be on the receiving end as someone who is a brilliant space holder* for others. Think of having a personal advisor, a trusted confidant and an innovative thinking partner who encourages you to express the full range of your human and entrepreneurial experience. 

The Voxer Cocoon is both an anchor and a door opener if you...


  • want to move from complexity to simplicity. Reshaping the foundational aspects of your life and business to your taste creates more ease and spaciousness to do and be what you love. 

  • would love to have a compassionate and no-nonsense partner who fully grasps the nuances of your unique reality and offers you the space to feel and express it.

  • are navigating significant change and require a seasoned and grounded guide who can offer real-life experience and a variety of fresh & unorthodox ideas. ​​

Image by Mauricio Muñoz
Image by Mukuko Studio

It is a heartfelt invitation to...


  • slowing down to receive. Take little pauses from your role as an advisor, creator, mentor or safe haven for others. Experience what it's like to receive a high-quality depth of attention and be witnessed with unapologetic acceptance and care.


  • tend to your most precious assets - your time, energy and attention. You'll gain clarity why you feel drained in certain areas and how you can update and communicate your values, boundaries and non-negotiables to others.

  • explore the inspiring and nourishing impact that comes from hearing yourself over time, being fully seen and letting your armour soften. Being validated in your beauty and chaos brings more clarity, confidence and trust in yourself and others.




I create an atmosphere that welcomes diversity of thought, curiosity, acceptance and understanding. This is your space to ask questions, get feedback and share your visions, ideas and struggles - big and small to gain deeper self-awareness. I will orient you back to your source of  inner wisdom and encourage you to play with your untamed creative expression.
Dare to be yourself and watch what 

Hi, I am Sim.


During our shared month, I'll be in your ear whenever you need me offering energetic and emotional spaciousness and practical advice. As a highly skilled listener I pay attention to what your words and your frequency say. I specialize in boiling down complex matters to their core essence and reflecting them back in a profound yet simple way.

My guidance style is free of taboos, need-oriented, empowering, compassionate and fueled by innovative insights and possibilities. In the last two decades, I have learned from and mentored people from all walks of life, which has created a rich, and varied personal and professional experience. 

Image by Jennifer Biagioni

What's included in the Cocoon?



  • One month of Voxer Voice Note Access from Tues-Sat. You can send me your voice notes from any place at any time without worrying about timezones or being glued to a screen. I will get back to you within 24 hours.

  • Whenever needed, I will relate your current situation to your Human Design and Astrology energetics in a way that is nuanced but easy to understand. It invites you into deeper self-awareness, helps you make informed decisions and offers a holistic understanding of real-life dynamics and how to navigate them with less resistance.

  • Voxer access starts with a personal welcome message within
    48-72 hours of receiving the answers from your intake form.


1.200 EUR + VAT 

Do you have questions?

Please read my Terms of Purchase to learn more about the most frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, please email me here.

Prefer speaking over writing?

Send me your questions via Voxer.

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